A fan sent me a box of his old disks, but he didn't know that one of the floppies contained once publicly released, but then thought to be lost source code of CornCob 3D! Grab it here:

@varx I don't have to send anything to Jason, and neither does anyone else capable of uploading it themselves

@varx (Only saying that in a sense that Jason has enough to deal with. Anyone can upload a zip file.)

@dosnostalgic I guess I was thinking more of how he'd be happy to hear of a "lost" source being found again.

@dosnostalgic I fired up a DDG image search to show 17yo some "corncob 3d" screenshots and... got mostly 3d renderings of corncobs. In hindsight I don't know what else I expected. 😁

@dosnostalgic I really love that this happened and also want to write a blog post about it.

I don’t know corncob 3D from a hole in the ground, but the fact that it was recovered because it was 1) posted publicly, 2) archived, 3) shared is 100% my jam.

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