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ok, anxiety is going crazy with that last thought, so i'm just going to play some chrono trigger and clench my teeth for a few hours.

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in other news i think libjamp is feature-complete for my usecases.

much testing to be done, then documentation, then maybe a "release".

which i'm terrified of because it means announcing my real name on the internet.

but i've decided if i'm going to come out as trans, it may as well be with an open-source MIDI parsing library.

i generally don't like paper, except for books/zines.

i hate handwriting and filling out forms and such, much better to type.

but holy heck, my coding is so much more efficient when i prototype it on paper first.

i'm loathe to admit that, having resented whiteboard coding in uni and *especially* in interviews. but it works for me.


mental health 

my housemate is really struggling right now, for like days on end and i really can't cope.

which is kinda selfish except i just don't have the strength, i've just gotta check out.


MASTODON ADMINS: If you, like me, ever accidentally delete .env.production, but still have an instance running, DON'T PANIC!

Go to your mastodon folder and type `RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails c` to open an irb repl that's connected to your running instance, and type `ENV` to spit out your currently active environment variables. #adminNeedHelp

airline junk 

goddamn united is making it hard to work for an airline lmao

as if employees got ANY sympathy already lmao you're making the general public hate us front facing people more than they do

also your social media handling is poor and ur the worst BYE

i will fight every single person suggesting that a "reputation score" is the way to fix abuse
have you been on reddit ever

Really though, why does mastodon have to be the "twitter killer"? Can't it just be a thing?

Capitalism makes it so natural for us to rhink in terms of scarcity that usually doesn't exist or doesn't *have* to exist.

I got nude when I arrived home but I put clothes on to play Zelda. It's called respect, look it up.

listening recommendation 

Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

hey trans software devs/copyright law folk 

@dot_tiff I know someone who is trans who has had to use the dead name in licenses. I've been told that it's possible to get around it by licensing it to a company. This allows the owner (even if it's LLC) to remain relatively protected

hey trans software devs/copyright law folk 

do you have to put your legal name in software license headers?

you probably do right?..

the mastodon instance name industrial complex

mastodon 👏 is 👏 what 👏 disruption 👏looks 👏 like

but wait how will it make shareholders money 🤔

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