Trans kids, hormone treatment 

“Trans children aren’t old enough to get sex hormones” is an argument for giving all children, cis AND #trans, puberty blockers until age 16.

I’m not necessarily saying we should or shouldn’t give trans kids hormones but like, think about what you’re saying and what it means. If trans kids are not old enough to know their gender and which puberty they’re going through, neither are cis kids.

also mastodon is really ram hungry, ended up killing redis and node due to OOM on 1GB vultr instance.

added a swap file and nothing has crashed *yet*, but i think this will need some decent hardware in the long run.

maybe it'll have to wait until i find some work..

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so i've got mastodon working on now, with federation and all, only thing is that remote accounts report completely wrong follower/following/posts numbers.

they only seem to reflect actions taken *since* my new server came online. weird.

i haven't been doing as much techy tech shop-talk commentary about my coding recently because every time i say something people are like "why don't you just DO THIS" and i have to explain that i'm writing code for a microcontroller and that won't work

More OpenBSD talk ramblings 

Right. Just remembered an important fact to mention: The fact that OpenBSD was the first to have an open source tree with Anonymous CVS access. I remember how it was before that idea really caught on, with projects dropping occasional tarballs like giant software development footsteps.

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Mastodon comes one step closer to being easily deployed on OpenBSD. Look out, world!

We were promised the possibility of crushing gender under our cold uncaring cyborg boots, but instead we got Netflix and chill: a memoir

ž̥̝̎ͬ̓ͬ͌ͫ͟A̴͉͈̪͉͈͑͗̋̒ͥ̓ͮL̘̈̇́ͩ́g̨̖̓ͫͤ0̞̯̯́ͅ ͭ͑͆͐̐T͊ͩ̐҉̯̘̩̳e̞̞̼̫̞̓̂͑Ẍ́͏͚Ṱ̡̜̝̉͛
an em0ji :upside_down:

@HolicShot "there is a new emerging cultural norm on certain social media sites, wherein users are actively sharing what could be called substandard content"

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