@nolan Do you have any particular plans for 🎺.☕️?

I ask 'cause looking over github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ I don't see any that cover web stuff, and I for one would love a home for web devs 😁

I feel like I should set up my own Mastadon instance on my personal website. Seems like The Right Way™ (i.e. the webbier way) too do microblogging.

I wonder, though, how well the Mastodon itself scales with a large number of nodes. For this implementation is it better to have per-user servers (à la websites), a small number of very large clusters, or something in between?

Oh hi. Just taking a look around to see what's what. Decentralized Twitter sounds nice – of course I'm signing up on a server rather than hosting my own…

Anyway, I enjoy and . If I stick with this, that's probably what I'll end up talking about.


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