Made some changes to our about page. Removed some unnecessary data about Mastodon that can also be found on JoinMastodon :mastodon::mastodon_oops:


@stux I'm confused. Is something different from A different instance?

@doubleblind Correct! There are thousands of Mastodon instances ❤️ :fediverse:

@stux The concept hurts my brain. LOL I signed up over at just now, but it seems like a huge hassle not being able to interact with it and, from one place, or is that possible? i.e. do I have to start from scratch on, following people and posting?

@doubleblind :blobcatgiggle:​ that's not needed my friend! As i see you are currently on your account and you can interact with me on :blobcathearts:

That's how Mastodon and the Fediverse works! It's all "connected". Instead of using only the "handle" here you use your "full handle" like @Username/ (without the /, otherwise i link haha)

@stux, so you're saying I didn't need to sign up on, to be able to interact with people from that instance? The other reason I signed up was to see what the front end interface looked like. It looks slightly different than I haven't found an interface or app that I really like, yet.

@doubleblind @stux
You can access all other instances from just one instance, excepting instances that your instance has blocked.

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