Taking my raspberries offline while I upgrade to Fedora 31.

Just realized the new Pokémon game comes out Friday. I know what I'll be doing all weekend. 🤓🎮

"Actually, it's only Agile if it comes from the Agile region of France. Otherwise it's just [bad] Project Management with fancy names for meetings."
-- @nickfarr
😂 👍

Hanging out at St Mary's University for today. 🤓💻🔒

Cold weather = Working from bed this morning. Ahh, the perks of the

7.5 hour layover in Miami. Thinking about taking a hobo nap in the middle of the terminal... 😴

The opening bands for hed(pe) are pretty good so far. Best song of the night has got to be this metal cover of Baby Got Back though. 🤣

"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

pgp.mit.edu is in really bad shape. What happened? I thought those guys were supposed to be super smart?

Cranking up the "urban" lifestyle and riding the Vía bus to this morning. 😁

Two days into 2019 and y'all already broke GitHub. 😞

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