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Learnin' me some new tools for the xmas break. I just `dnf remove -y docker && dnf install -y podman` 😎

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When you're on a call and half the folks are speaking French:

The airport in Charlotte, NC is the shit! They have a bar right in the middle of the gates. 😎🍻

Pretty excited to meet the rest of my team IRL next week. 🤓

I got a good deal on some off-ear headphones for Cyber Monday and they're quickly becoming my favorites.

I forgot how badass Monster Magnet's Spine of God album is. 🤘🤘

TIL that my does support ARM v8, so I'm taking it offline to install a aarch64 build.

OH: "They added the hoes to make it more American".

Por un lado, me alegra ver a jugando fútbol internacional otra vez. Por el otro, los Israelitas nos estan poniendo una buena moronga.

Taking my offline while I upgrade to 29. I think the only thing affected will be my IRC bouncer. 💻

Seems that Carnitas Lonja is doubling down on the Southside vibe. They now have a stray dog that hangs out here for full effect. 😂😂😂

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WTF San Antonio? Why is no one at the Wolfmother show?

Did not meal plan for this weather change... thankfully I'm pretty much now and always keep emergency Sinigang mix in the pantry. 🤣

Caved in at 59°F. Furnace started right up. Home temperature slowly rising. 🔥🔥🔥

Cold front came in to last night. My house is currently 64℉. If it dips any lower I might have to climb up to my attic and get the furnace started.

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