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This is very cool; being able to run Rust from JS is super promising, but getting it all to work feels like a high barrier to entry. `wasmbuild` really makes it easy!

Thanks to `deno bench` it’s easy to see whether re-writing something in Rust is worth it twitter.com/deno_land/status/1

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🚨NOUVELLE ENQUÊTE L214 x @PetitBiscuit 🚨
Des animaux chargés de force et enfoncés à coups de pied dans des cages: les dindons sont comprimés blessés, violentés.😥
Voici les derniers instants de "vie" de ces oiseaux avant l’abattoir.
Signez la pétition 👉l214.com/enquetes/2022/ramassa

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Looking for a Sunday read? Here's a fascinating look into what a generation of programmers learnt from hacking AOL in the '90s. github.com/readme/featured/aol

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Quick thing: if you want to resolve things the way Node.js does, supporting ESM, import/export maps, conditions, and more, you can use my package `import-meta-resolve`:


\* basically `import.meta.resolve` from Node which is still behind a flag!

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🥳🥳🥳 We are finaly back !!!🥳🥳🥳
Let's take a look at some team changes for tomorrow !

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Are you seeing complexity scaling out of control in your React app? You might need XState.

Here, we take a badly-built fetch and give it error handling, timeouts and exponential backoff 🤯 all with the visual builder!

FULL VIDEO: youtube.com/watch?v=AQHpXDo_S1

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« Le bonheur est aussi simple qu'une flaque de boue » — Didier le sanglier

(prenez exemple sur lui)

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🇫🇷🗳️ Pas de remobilisation des jeunes et des catégories populaires au second tour : seuls 29% des 18-24 ans et 36% des personnes vivant dans un foyer avec un revenu total <1200€ se sont rendus aux urnes, contre 66% des 70 ans et plus et 51% des revenus aisés.

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