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Right, so let's try to do this properly.

I'm a writer and (allegedly) a journalist with Hindustan Times. My non-fiction writing is mostly on culture and gender in .

In fiction, I've written one feminist thriller and two kids' books. I have a newsletter and a blog, and as my Instagram account proves, I'm a bit obsessed with monsoon clouds. (see profile for links).

I suspect my only real talent is finding good GIFs.

Incidentally, there was no section 144 imposed in the area, but police told at least two people that it had been imposed.

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There are protests happening across the country against the CAB and NRC. Please join one in your city. If you don't know about it, there are many good articles + bite-sized explainers on the internet.If you'd like to print these and take them to a protest:

Approximately 40 protesters rounded up from Marine Drive and detained by Mumbai Police. The police have told protesters that Section 144 has been imposed in the area (awaiting confirmation of this from the police).

"The United Nations human rights office voiced concern on Friday that India’s new citizenship law is “fundamentally discriminatory in nature” and called for it to be reviewed."

At this rate, it'll be easier to compile a list of places that aren't under lockdown in India than those that are.

murine (adjective): of or relating to a murid genus (Mus) or its subfamily (Murinae) which includes the common household rats (and mice).

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They're putting LOTUSES (instead of the lions) on Indian passports.

More details from Pinarayi's press meet: "It [CAB] is to distract the public’s attention from such grave issues that communal forces are restoring to such divisive measures. The British Empire had successfully experimented this in India and it was done in Hitler’s Germany too in the past. History has proved that such moves do not last for long."

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Punjab won't implement , says Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh

Indian Parliament is not authorized to pass a bill that contravenes the core values of the Constitution. Citizenship (amendment) Bill will not be implemented in Kerala. CPM to fight legally against Citizenship Bill.— P Vijayan, Kerala CM

"This is not a law that concerns those it seeks to include — six minority groups from three countries. It is a political signal of a terrible narrowing, a chilling exclusion, directed at India’s own largest minority. India is to be redefined as the natural home of Hindus, it says to India’s Muslims. And that they must, therefore, be content with a less natural citizenship."

Violence against women 

A gang rape survivor found a pamphlet outside her house that threatened her with a fate worse than what the Unnao victim suffered.

And they said the Hyderabad encounter would deter those accused of rape.

Unverified reports of a protester (a woman) having been killed by security forces in Dibrugarh, Assam.

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How can we use each other's differences in our common battles for a livable future? - Audre Lorde

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A lone soldier laughed at my own demise on a collapsed building

A few politicians have suggested that the possibility of human rights' violations should be ignored because the public wanted the blood of the accused, and accompanied this opinion with . Bowing to majority opinion is not democracy. That's populism. Respecting individual opinions and the human rights of the individual (particularly when they're threatened by a collective) are integral to the idea of democracy.

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An actor named Nani tweeted, "“There should be only one rowdy in every village and he must be a police." Former actor and current MP Jaya Bachchan (who had asked that the accused in the Cyberabad case be lynched) responded to the news of the encounter with, "Der aaye, durust aaye...der aaye, bohot der aaye." (Rough translation: "Too damn late.")

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