The man on the left would have you know that he is Editor in Chief of a journalistic enterprise.

@dpanjana The joy... I am reminded of Princess Diaries line on true love and heel pop @h_tejas

@dpanjana 😄 the guy on the right draped a sari to fool the police and run away from a lathi charge. 😂

@dpanjana Hope they don't do a Savarkar and a Godse in the height of emotion and heat of passion

@dpanjana I miss the Infinite Scream bot from the birdsite, perfect place to invoke it

आओ ना प्यार करे हम और तुम नाच करे...

@dpanjana this shows the
True Picture of Indian Media : Godi Media

@ensi_d1 Respectfully, no. There's definitely a lot wrong with Indian media (particularly mainstream media), but that doesn't mean Republic TV is representative of all Indian journalism.

@dpanjana yeah a few good one also, but majority is Godi. Majority runs Democracy

@dpanjana have seen this image several times. its haunting me. 😭

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