Looking for a tool that can run over a bunch of projects/repos and compare tooling files (eslintrc, editorconfig, tsconfig, etc.) against a template repo and flag (but not fix) when they are different. Anyone have suggestions?

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@dpogue ooooo that sounds awesome. I'm building a quick Sinatra app that checks the version in .ruby-version (for a refresher on ruby) but I'd love to see something bigger and better

@halkeye It seems easy enough to build a quick version as a bash script, which is partly why I'm so surprised I can't find anything that already does this

@dpogue bash script requires checkouts. I would do it with graphql so it could be scheduled/CI'd/ETC

but agree, its wack that it doesn't exist

@halkeye ooooh, that's an interesting idea.

My initial thought was a script that could run locally and print out diffs, with a --quiet mode for CI to just indicate if there were mismatches

@dpogue My ruby project is complete - but I so want to make a cli tool, maybe in golang or something that doesn't need things checked out.

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