For the Myst/Uru fans and folks, there's been a recent update to the MOULa server including restoring access to the Gahreesen Wall game, an option to start with the original Cleft opening, and an upcoming release of a new Age on Friday.

This has been several months of work by volunteer fan developers, and it's great to see it go live 😁

I see my sister's been decorating the fridge at home again...

Seattle has community banana stands, staffed by "banistas" 🍌

The mountains are back, and tonight's sunset was amazing 😍

The atmosphere might be toxic, but this post-apocalyptic lighting is great for my complexion.

Google *might* be trying to kill me... This is after going out for a run with some coworkers over lunch.

Well, it's not perfect (see: Ethernet cable stretching dangerously across the room), but I now have my desktop computer set up in my condo.

@nolan Was just looking at promise-worker and your blog post about serializing vs stringifying. It looks like the high serialization cost issue has been fixed in recent Chrome versions!

I ran the test in Chrome 59-dev and got these results:


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