@chucker @alahmnat Let me tell you sad sad tales of MySQL and utf8_mb4 and broken index lengths and Rails core devs ignoring my suffering

I am *very* disappointed with how screen readers handle this (or rather, don't, at all) 😢

Current ſtatus: Toꝛn between wanting to ſpell "thꝛough" with an R rotunda oꝛ "þrough" with a þoꝛn.

Is þ round enough to permit an R rotunda, as "þꝛough"?

@chucker Oooh

2 minutes later: This looks great in my... one application that supports dark mode (Finder).

2.1 minutes later: Wait... all the Finder icons are still blue. This looks terrible.

@alahmnat I think "The Boys are Back in Town" may have broken me. It's just *so* perfect

Today's the Myst 25th anniversary, and while Myst itself wasn't the most impactful of the games, it's no exaggeration to say that the Myst series is directly responsible for my career path, several good friends, and countless memories.

Thank you Cyan, for all that you've inspired.

📖🏛️ ❤️

Someone told me about RTLSDR-Airband today, and this looks pretty close to exactly what I've been looking for: github.com/szpajder/RTLSDR-Air

Looks like I'll be able to listen to multiple radio frequencies, put them in different audio channels, record them to mp3 files for archiving, and potential set up to stream them via Shoutcast online.

Me: "Behold my unfinished masterpiece-in-progress"

Coworker: "Is this also a giant fire?"

Me: "No! ...This is more like a beautifully intricate, artisanal... heat source >_>"

It is raining so hard that in the span of a block it has gone through my rain jacket, and my pants are wetter than when they come out of the washing machine. Excellent way to start a shopping trip 😣

The past 10 days have been a series of compounding disappointments, and I worry that this is just a build-up to much larger disappointments that I'm already bracing for but really don't want to deal with ☹️

I did basically nothing this weekend, and I wish I felt more rested or relaxed for having done so.

On the bright side, I'm slowly getting better at accepting and (mostly) not beating myself up about not being productive or accomplishing anything.

Well, Gnome 3.30 makes my ArchLinux installation totally unusable, so back to 3.28 it is I guess :\

@alahmnat These need to not come back and not result in a recurrence of snide mispronunciations of my last name that was a constant annoyance in elementary school

Every breath I take
brings my tooth to ache
my filling was displaced
in a cleaning's haste
now it hurts to chew

Ugh because the slots are siblings but the slotables aren't 😭

Specifically, in a component with two slots, `::slotted(.first-slot) + ::slotted(.second-slot)` doesn't seem to target anything :(

Aww, my overcomplicated experiment failed due to `::slotted()` apparently not working with sibling combinators and other slotted elements 😞

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