@chucker I was always taught that "nite" was an informal, technically incorrect, spelling. Similar to how "thru" is used instead of "through" in places

@alahmnat I think I've said this before, but I love "hypertext markup linguist" so much. It is just so perfect.

Fun times tonight... it turns out there's a bug in some WebKit indexedDB backend stuff that can corrupt database indexes when upgrading from iOS 13 to iOS 14. There's no way to prevent this from happening, and it's unrecoverable once it happens, and of course it's breaking my app πŸ™ƒ

It is interesting watching Microsoft's vcpkg project basically turn into npm-for-C++. Now with vcpkg.json manifest files and the per-project dependency storage equivalent of node_modules.

Seriously though, vcpkg is great, and these JSON manifests will make it much easier to get a C++ project up and running after cloning a repo.

@surma My coworkers can attest that I still use >.> on a daily basis πŸ˜›

@surma Not sure about Kaomoji, but in the olden days of IRC we used to use "e.e" as rolling eyes

@alahmnat Yeah, that's a really good way to put it.

There isn't a lot of inherent re-try-ability in Myst-style puzzle solving. You either solve the puzzle and progress, or you don't. Not like boss fights where you and try again with different techniques and get something out of it each time.

@alahmnat Where on this chart would one place a vast landscape with hours of unique gameplay that can be enjoyed as a single player or multi-player experience? πŸ˜›

@chucker There are several mobile OSes that I would've liked to see succeed as alternative platforms, but they were all just too late to be able to capture any market share 😞

FirefoxOS, BlackBerry 10 OS, WebOS, Windows Phone 10, Tizen... There were some really cool ideas there that have still never quite been brought up again.

@halkeye ooooh, that's an interesting idea.

My initial thought was a script that could run locally and print out diffs, with a --quiet mode for CI to just indicate if there were mismatches

@halkeye It seems easy enough to build a quick version as a bash script, which is partly why I'm so surprised I can't find anything that already does this

Looking for a tool that can run over a bunch of projects/repos and compare tooling files (eslintrc, editorconfig, tsconfig, etc.) against a template repo and flag (but not fix) when they are different. Anyone have suggestions?

Proposal to fill a gap in the HTTP status codes list with "427 Foreboding", for when the request will fill you with creeping dread.

@chucker There's a sort-of unofficial "ConLang Code Registry" trying to fit constructed languages into private use Unicode space, and D'ni is already in there: kreativekorp.com/clcr/

Someone made a version of DniFont that maps those characters correctly too.

My desktop computer locked up while I was doing system updates and I had to reboot and now it has no kernel to load and I need to boot from a LiveCD to fix it, but my laptop doesn't have a disk drive to burn a LiveCD and I have no USB keys so I have to go buy one and hope I can get EFI to boot from it and this is really not how I imagined my weekend starting πŸ™ƒ


…we need those weight values for pronouns.

Accept-Pronouns: she/her
Accept-Pronouns: they/them, she/her
Accept-Pronouns: he/him, it/it;q=0.8, they/them;q=0.5
Accept-Pronouns: they/them, */*;q=0.7

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