My modem/router died so I have no internet at home. My condo also has notoriously poor cell service, so I'm basically staring at the walls wondering what to do with my life πŸ™ƒ

Achievement unlocked: Investigated a bug in iOS WebKit/WKWebView, found the root cause, made a patch and a test case, and now my commit is merged into WebKit πŸŽ‰

@chucker "Happiness peaks in high school"? Welp, that's not looking good for me then... πŸ™ƒ


β€œWhy I have a problem with React the library and spend a lot of time talking to my therapist”

This feels broadly correct. React has not been a good influence over the web. And that's even before you take into account that it exists to support Facebook's development and recruitment.

Just another day dealing with iOS webview shenanigans...

why is it called teen angst when it never stops

TIL I can reach UBC's VE7RHS repeater on both VHF and UHF from Port Moody, despite not being able to reach much of anything else

I'm an amateur radio operator, and I have opinions about Stranger Things season 3. In this essay, I will examine... 1/176


Here's a fun treat for all the Myst/D'ni/Uru fans out there... The original pre-Uru, pre-Mudpie "DIRT/Descent" demo, in all its fully-playable glory! Don't ask us for support, just cross your fingers and hope it works. PS: This thing is 19 YEARS OLD!


@zkat πŸ’š

Thanks for all your incredible work on the CLI over the years, and all the support and help you’ve provided directly. Looking forward to hearing what exciting new projects await you!

@chucker welcome to the "people who learned a programming language because of Uru" club πŸ˜›

vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

Released an update to Seymour (my Apache Cordova build tool) today, so you can use it to update your config.xml values using envvars without running the build steps. Might make it more useful for Ionic users.

Looks hazy today
From millions of pollen spores
Ruining my life

@seldo Reusable components for the web, you say? You could almost call them "web components" πŸ˜‰

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