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It's cloudy and raining in Vancouver today, which of course means I'm now getting email alerts for a spectacular Aurora Borealis tonight. πŸ˜’

Me: "Hey Google, do I need an umbrella?"
GA: "No, it isn't raining. It's cloudy with a high of 17Β°"
Me: *looks out window* "It's definitely raining"
GA: "No, it isn't raining. It's cloudy with a high of 17Β°"
Me: "You are factually incorrect"
GA: "Sorry, I'm still learning"

πŸ™„ β˜”

The mountains are back, and tonight's sunset was amazing 😍

Stepped outside this morning and the air was cool and there was a slight breeze, and now it's trying to lightly rain. The horizon is still a smokey featureless void, but I'll take the small wins at this point.

I am very curious to know what the view looks like from the nearby trails with all the smoke today, but I'm kinda feeling like it's better not to be out for a walk with all the smoke today 😷

We're at a point at work where we're adding new use cases (as opposed to extending current use cases) to a bunch of existing features, and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to structure things within the design of the existing systems and I feel like I'm going in circles πŸ˜•

The smoke in Metro Vancouver is now thick enough* to put mountain-non-visibility anxiety in effect. Where are my friendly horizon hills to keep the vastness at bay? 😧

* albeit only 125 on the AQI scale

The atmosphere might be toxic, but this post-apocalyptic lighting is great for my complexion.

My apartment is unreasonably warm, so I'm almost always running the air conditioner while I'm here, but it's so loud and it's right beside my desk and it makes it almost impossible to focus on anything. I can't even listen to music because it's too loud. 😩

One thing that I think I will miss from Twitter is being able to search it as a stream of local news.

Mastodon doesn't capture location data (which is good for privacy) but also doesn't allow searching for non-hashtags.

tfw you open the tech-horribleness channel of an international Slack team and see someone ranting about bad actors in a Vancouver Slack group, and you're like "oh, I see yvrdevs is still a trashfire" πŸ”₯

Google *might* be trying to kill me... This is after going out for a run with some coworkers over lunch.

RT Reminder that we should be using the πŸ₯– Baguette emoji as the directory separator


It started raining, and my balcony door is open for air flow, and now the smell of fresh rain is drifting into my condo 😍

Well, it's not perfect (see: Ethernet cable stretching dangerously across the room), but I now have my desktop computer set up in my condo.

Well, I didn't intend to spend my evening writing C++ to generate Morse code for a blinking LED, but here we are

Really cool to see some of the tiny changes to C++ structures is making in WebKit and the sizable memory savings resulting from them.

Knowing how things work at the lowest level always pays off, regardless of what higher layer of abstraction you're working in.

If missing the bus and needing to wait 28.5 minutes in the rain were an Olympic sport, the consistency with which I find myself in this situation would be worth something.

Nietzsche: "And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."
Mastodon: "Scream into the abyss, have it scream back at you, and make friends."

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