How come the "SJW" ended up associating exclusively with the "left"?

The "right" is no less justice-y and definitely no less warrior-y. MRA, ALM and all that stuff. And it's all social of course, with rallying and reputation.

Everyone is pro justice and other good things. Lots of people are passionate about their cause.

I propose unifying them under the "Internet Tribe Enforcers" moniker.

@dpwiz I propose just not talking about them because they're negligible anyways.

@abs I found today that another forced meme got itself into a "gate" status and thought about how offline tribalism is different from it's online counterpart.

Indeed those mostly are localised outbreaks, but with more and more people getting networked I can't just watch away. I have a feeling we should do something on the pain of whole memespace is coerced into a wicked Anon playground.

@dpwiz "Tribalism" is a tired meme as well, anyways. Honestly, any time one invests into this is wasted. It's not about discourse or being right, just about telling compelling stories to the people that want to hear them.

@abs Tribalism is tired? IDK it feels alive as ever to me. How do I find I'm wrong about it?

@dpwiz It's just as tired of a meme as "rationality" is. It's just something to say "everyone but me is $bad" (insert for bad "tribal", "irrational", ...).
@dpwiz It's also very obvious that "tribal" is explicitly chosen to make the people labeled with it seem more primitive. It's just another spin word.

@abs I know some people use words like they don't have meanings, but they do, usually. I'm not convinced, however, that "tribe" is wasted beyond redemption or anything like that.

My associations with it go along with McKena stuff like Global Village and Eastern Standard Tribe by No offence implied, but kinship.

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