I avoided diving into PBR (oh my god, it's full of maths!) for half a year. Actual implementation took 1.5 evenings.


I would be glad if tutorials put less emphasis on point-free coding and more on print-free debugging.

Amazing effort led by ocharles to make tool UI available for apps and games: github.com/haskell-game/dear-i

Very easy to integrate with existing renderers.
Also a good example on how to use `inline-c` to invoke C++ libs.


Decided to make a simple tutorial for 2D part of my engine...
Got carried away and got myself a benchmark instead.
And then, it turned into something sick 💿✨🎶


Exploded monolithic pipeline with inplace mutation into IO-unfolding, short-circuiting validation, pure processing and folding steps.

10x runtime drop for exactly the same FP32 results.

The asymptotics improved greatly and data doesn't have to be discarded early so more processing steps can be composed in later.


I wonder if there's some Uni that got "courses" without any TA support. Amount of homework posts in /r/haskell recently is sad to witness.

Reduced compilation time 20x in two swift strikes.

I :heart_fire: profiling stuff (and making compilers in ).

Time from zero[1] to present: 12 hours.

Close, but no triangle. But surface resize works almost out of the box.

[1]: From window-and-device setup library.

We heard you like composition, so we put monads in your arrows so you can compose while you compose.


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