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I mainly study Latin for the high literature. The classics. The lofty ideals of man and bear.

Hasui Kawase (川瀬 巴水 Kawase Hasui, May 18, 1883 – November 7, 1957) was a Japanese artist. He was one of the most prominent print designers of the shin-hanga ("new prints") movement.

Night at Hommonji Temple, Ikegami - 1954

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In the browser, the mighty browser, the runtime sleeps tonight

@Dan_litz777 is on point in the latest @atownfm episode! Really enjoyed the Hebrew talk. Would love to hear more about this notion that people outside of a people’s sphere of experience were considered “non-existent” and to what extent that is a linguistic quirk vs how it affected their actual understanding of the universe.

Station 13 #35: The crossover event everyone’s been waiting for

[source code for preceding example]

The Office is a room. A pencil is in the office.

Sighing is an action applying to nothing.

Understand "sigh" as sighing.

Report sighing:
say "You sigh."

[how does inform 7 manage to make this bleak scenario seem *even bleaker*]

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I just wrote my caption in the “add another Toot” box instead of the photo caption box... whoops.

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I'm happy to announce that my barebones ActivityPub server, implemented in Node.js/Express, is now open source! I intend for it to be a reference implementation for developers who are adding ActivityPub to their own services, but also it is an application server that you can build on if you want.

In other words, t's a few hundred lines of code that lets you create Mastodon-compatible accounts that can accept follow requests and post stuff to their followers.

I like how Eminem woke up one day and decided, "My new look is gonna be...wistful Deftones roadie."

The demon appeared in the pentagram, studied the lines and glyphs, and smiled. "You made an error. I'm unbound."
The summoner blanched.
"I could torment you," the demon said, "but I won't."
"W- why not?"
"You'll remember this mistake, and torture yourself, the rest of your life."

It was a controversial move at the time, but I’m glad @Spotify has chosen to respect Chopin’s decision to title Waltz No. 2 in Japanese

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