Opened my g4 iBook for the first time ever to replace the hard drive and found some coffee I spilled on it 13 years ago

Imagine selling an ugly ass piece of furniture with a computer inside for $12,000 and just leaving garbage on top of it for the picture

Our dearly departed rabbit Saul used to hop around and hold his mouth to one side all the time. We had the vet check him out, and his teeth and jaw were fine, but always kinda wondered about it. We called it his "thinking face". Just hopping around thinking about stuff. Anyway, we thought we didn't have a picture of it, but we do!

While looking around for information on the land around my dad's place, I found this extremely good typeface from one of the original plat documents

Reposting here, because why not: weird strip of land near my dad's place. it has about $2 of taxes due every year, hasn't been paid in years. Turns out, it's because it was part of a larger property from the original plat, and this is the final scrap.

nesmaker is real rough. This dialog is still using the default .net icon

The Ventra app is hands down the worst app I have ever used and anyone involved should be fired into the sun

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