If you press the off button on your computer it will turn it off #lifehack

like , is a terribly difficult hobby to enter. Where to start? I have seen the old classics (Ninja Scroll, Akira and Fists of the North Star) but now what? Nothing too wild.

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

👋 hi friends.

Q: what’s the best way to discover instances I might like to join?

Here’s a deeper explanation from Fedora Magazine of how the new kernel update is mitigating the Meltdown vulnerability.


I am in need of a good joke API. webknox.com/api#!/jokes/oneLin gets a little too dark. Needs to be kid friendly.

Messing with my Raspberry Pi with my son reminds me of playing on the c64 with my Dad in the 80's. We plugged them both into our living room TV and sat on the floor with a keyboard. :D

I would rather use plain IRC over slack in every instance.

Fox News is claiming that the FBI is orchestrating a coup.

Just so we’re all clear, that is demonstrably false. https://t.co/MyscuwOYTC
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