people are sick of the rain but the late night density of an “atmospheric river” remind me of the nicest parts of concussion recovery.

been picking up more shifts lately. remembering how much i love movie theatres. haven’t ever worked at one without tons of weird history and secret spaces. giant cavernous spiritual amplification machines.

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rarely full time or as my only job. i became a protectionist as the projectionist unions were kinda on their way out. never had the opportunity to card up. heard you used to be able to feed a family with this job!

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i’ve been working in movie theatres for almost a quarter century.

love a horror writer who doesn’t say “like overripe fruit”

saw me approaching or passing,
Felt their arms on my neck as I stood, or the negligent leaning of their
flesh against me as I sat;
Saw many I loved in the street, or ferry-boat, or public assembly, yet
never told them a word;
Lived the same life with the rest, the same old laughing, gnawing,