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Please keep an eye out for people trying to brand monkeypox as a "gay disease", explicit or otherwise, and push back hard and early!

I've already started seeing the same kind of "the damn gays fucking everywhere" rhetoric that also popped up during the first years of the AIDS epidemic in the US. That rhetoric was directly responsible for (tens of?) thousands of deaths.

We absolutely *cannot* afford to let homophobes gain control over the public narrative around monkeypox, and let them use it to once again kill queer folks by denying them crucially important healthcare. :boosts_ok_gay:

I seem to recall there was a point in TNG where the location of a keypad next to a display changed or went missing because that prop was stolen by a tourist during a set tour.

Does anyone remember which episode that occurred, or if I’m misremembering it?

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“In short: TESLA IS A CONFIDENCE GAME. Confidence in one man and the image he so ruthlessly controls is what holds it all together. Understanding why Musk's dreams are bullshit is hard (learning about manufacturing and AI is cool though!), but anyone can grasp a person's character.”


No guardes tus problemas, desahógate con un amigo; pero no te acostumbres a hacerlo sólo. Que los problemas y las tristezas pesan en el alma.

Nerd cred time! That one time in 1990 that I asked my friends at the Singapore Microcomputer Society for a recommendation letter. humancode.us/2022/05/20/sms-re

Any sufficiently advanced technology is insufficiently documented


Sad to see that antivax sentiment continues to capture a small but vocal and intransigent population in San Francisco. sfchronicle.com/sf/article/S-F

Did this really happen? It’s almost as if the arc of the moral universe does bend toward justice.

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Former President George W. Bush: “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine.”

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