I suppose I have to cut the stupid grass. I'll never understand people who actually enjoy spending hours tending to their yards.


@bigzaphod I had a big house with a big yard when I lived in Oklahoma and I absolutely *hated* lawn maintenance. Not only did it take ungodly amounts of water to keep the grass green, I spent hours every weekend mowing and trimming.

Here in CA, I have a condo/townhome with NO lawn, but right next to a public park, and I love it. Want to touch grass? It’s right next door, and it’s already mowed.

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@bigzaphod I know that didn’t help your situation. For big lawns, you might consider setting aside some of the space for landscaping where you can feature plants that you don’t have to mow. At least you’ll have to mow *less* that way…

@drahardja I have an acre in Iowa with quite a few trees to cut around. At least I never have to water it.

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