@derek Hey -- I just discovered Org mode on Emacs and, just for grins, I created an HTML file straight outta Org mode. After a little tweaking, I got it to comply with W3C standards. Then I decided to take things one step further and try to make a gemlog (Gemini journal) entry out of it. While I was able to post it (as plain text), some of the gemlog didn't quite appear right. My thinking is that the Emacs developers might have a little work to do in order to support the new Gemini protocol.

@drdelle @derek An update: I found ox-gemini and installed it from MELPA. But it doesn't seem to work for me... When I type Ctrl-C, Ctrl-E to get into the Org mode export menu, I see no option to export to a gemini file; and pressing G just causes the computer to beep at me, and Emacs says "Invalid key" at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?


@RobinHood2021 @derek Hmm, I evaluated ox-gemini by hand. After that I have an export option gemini and exporting to a buffer works on a trivial example file. did you require ox-gemini ?

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@drdelle @derek No, I'm afraid I don't have that little command as part of my .emacs file. It didn't seem to make any difference whether I included the line or not. Or does it only work with certain versions of Emacs?

@RobinHood2021 @derek
For me it works after adding

(use-package ox-gemini
:ensure t
:after ox)

to me init.el

@RobinHood2021 I assume you use
(use-package org ...) to load and configure org. May be the sequence is relevant.
All I do is:
(use-package org
;; stuff for org
(use-package ox-gemini
:ensure t
:after ox)

That's all I do to have gemini appear in my export menu.
If that does not work for you, I'm out of ideas. Trying the maillist for org is the best option then!

@drdelle Wait... I think I got it. I tried putting (require 'ox-gemini) in init.el and it seems to work. Will create some more .org files and see if I can export them in the same way.

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