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I recently got into a car accident & have been having trouble w/my health insurer, so I've updated my commission post w/new prices! Please feel free to email me with any questions!

Twitter Art Moment (for more art examples):

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Let's give this another go

Hello, I'm Willow! A giant nonbinary gay that really loves art of all kind!

I'm a graphic designer by trade and education, but I do love to draw in my spare time!

I'm also interested in nature, science, food, and liberal activism. And uh, porn I guess. I talk about all of the above. Mostly porn (so sorry)



GRENWITT, PLEASE! We're counting on you!

First that Ted Bundy rp artist, then Nevada dropping the ball on their results, Georgia will most likely flip blue, Supernatural, and now Putin is retiring

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US Pol, Politics 

The election is going on and Putin just announced that he's retiring holy shit

Also October is off to a wild start. Just truly balls through the walls wild

I'm getting back into bookbinding my own sketchbooks, and this was a quick watercolor test to see if the paper I chose worked with water-based mediums.

RBG has passed away, Dump has spoken on record about possibly not giving up the Presidency, WeChat was banned today, and there's a million other things going wrong rn 🙃 I'm just....

My home state has been constantly on fire for the past few weeks, and they won't be going out any time soon.

Really does feel like all the things scientists warned us about are happening all at once, and it's impossibly exhausting to deal with lately o<-<

it has been unbearably hot lately, and it's a level that even i find unbearable

USPOL, neg 

Welp. We have Kamala as the Democratic VP pick, which means we officially have a Republican moderate and a cop apologist as our main leaders against Trump 8)

I hate this....

Taking the world one day at a time at this point

abuse, violence 

and i equally love my father not doing anything abt it bc my brother is his only son and also bc he legit doesn't know how to control my brother anymore l o l

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abuse, violence 

love living in a household with an abusive brother who's not afraid to break my things and the house we live in bc I threw a wet mask at him. absolutely love it

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