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Let's give this another go

Hello, I'm Willow! A giant nonbinary gay that really loves art of all kind!

I'm a graphic designer by trade and education, but I do love to draw in my spare time!

I'm also interested in nature, science, food, and liberal activism. And uh, porn I guess. I talk about all of the above. Mostly porn (so sorry)

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The complete erasure of ethnicity in the US is horrifying in its own ways, but the legacy it has of moving the goalpost of what constitutes whiteness and utilizing white passing POCs in order to keep the statue quo of power is frightening

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American racism and utilization of white privilege is such a powerful and destructive weapon

I really hope the rain lets up soon bc I miss going on walks and breathing in fresh air! ;;

I wanna take a nice long walk soon

I'm going to cautiously quarantine for 10 more days, just to be safe T__T

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Ok, reading on the CDC website that there have been cases like mine where people who may continue to test positive can't spread the virus bc the viral load I have is not enough to infect someone else but enough to be detected by tests

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Got my 2nd test result back, and I'm apparently?? Presumptive positive............I tested 2+ weeks after my first confirmed symptom, so this makes me a little worried ;;

I feel like I'm still trying to process my trauma of 2020 and the grief I felt after contracting COVID

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I know that i"m technically in the clear bc I've hit the 2 week mark w/no more remaining symptoms except loss of scent, but I feel so fcking guilty imaging I accidentally infected someone all bc I wanted to take a walk

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i desperately want to go outside, but i'm still worried that I have COVID, and it has been really chipping away at my mental health

I also hope we go forward with impeaching him bc fuck that vile man

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I really hope NY attorneys finds everything on Trump and his family

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Slowly regaining my sense of smell \o/

I ordered indian food today, and I could actually smell the spices T__T

Ordering indian food bc i miss it so much o<-< i just want a little treat for today

Results came. I have COVID.

I've had, so far, a very mild case. It's 7 days into it since my first symptom appeared, without things taking a turn for the worst, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll stay that way

Gonna have to put myself through all the tests just in case and when it's safer to do so, but yeah just o<-<

I keep on sticking my nose into my fave lotions and perfumes, and nothing. I just get the sense that I'm supposed to smell something bc of memory, but nothing else

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