@dreamshop wtf you talkin' about i turn my pc on like that now.

heck i turned it on like that in the 90s!

@dreamshop implying that I'm not doing it to this day (unless computer is on the table. I'm not that flexible yet)

@dreamshop That's also how we punished them for not working properly.


@dreamshop Our old family computers were turned on by feet and we all just gloss over that

re: nsfw 

@iona @dreamshop mine didnt, because we're decent human beings.
@dreamshop I first read 'how we turned on our computers' as in 'turned against' or 'betrayed' our computers. Kicking your computer is an interesting way to turn on it, I suppose.

@dreamshop i really like the ones that put the power button up at high on a tower that is about knee height for 90% of the population

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