O hai. Just checking in to note that I'm redirecting my Mastodon profile on mastodon.social from its previous redirect at mastodon.cloud to my newly reactivated one:


If you're following me on mastodon.social, you'll want to instead add my toot.cat profile: @dredmorbius@toot.cat

And an occasional reminder that if you've been following dredmorbius<at>mastodon.social you've been missing all the real excitement at mastodon.cloud: @dredmorbius@mastodon.cloud

If the alignments have starred, this profile is now set to forward to mastodon.cloud.

It turns out that the reason the printer would print in B&W and not colour when connected to the router and configured via CUPS ...

... was that the colour ink cartridge was empty.

(Not usually my printer, not an element of it I'd been familiar with, though, mind the client /entirely/ failed to inform me of this /even after/ I mentioned that it wasn't printing in colour.)

Finally determined the problem by attempting to colour-copy something, bypassing all print configs.

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Something that /would/ be neat would be a List + Hashtag combo. Filter by people mentioning topic (and, say, the accompanying thread(s)).

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OK, these look like G+ Circles. They're receiver-only, they're not /communities/, and /all/ posts from the listed profiles show up. Hrm....

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It is 2018, and I am wrestling with network printing. Again.

Sometime after the Heat Death of the Universe, some being consisting Soley of Pure Thought and Rage at Printer Configurations will be fruitlessly attempting to administer a networked document system.

@natecull @eliotberriot Thought on docFS: I argue that Emacs isn't /the/ answer. Though it's several parts of an answer-shaped object. This is a fair guide explaining parts of that, though I'm thinking there should be something better:


Seeing as mastodon.cloud seems down for a bit, I'm camping on .social for today.

A Propaganda / Disinformation Site Banner for your Pleasure and Use

Have you ever said to yourself, "Self, I wish that I had some way of remembering disinformation sites online?"

Well, wish no more.

By way of Stylus[1] and CSS, with Cool Fade Animations, a banner that will pop up over a site in BRIGHT BOLD HIGH CONTRAST letting you know that THIS SITE IS PROPAGANDA, DISINFORMATION, OR FAKE NEWS.


Actually, they kinda-sorta do: if use of a given platform is falling, there will be less resources dedicated to it.

You may be familiar with this in the specific case of landline and cable "cord cutters".

For dying media platforms, there's often a shift in advertising: the quality ads tend to leave, and the bottom-feeders arrive.


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