Thanks to @exodus, I just uninstalled a bunch of apps that use Facebook tracking. Opentable, instacart, grubhub, and etsy, I can use via Firefox or Chromium. The few that I use too much to uninstall, I will write to ask to move away from Facebook.

@travisfw @exodus
Many apps can also replaced with their websites and some websites even use PWA which transform website into app like design


@Utgardloki @travisfw @exodus

By app like design you just mean removing the browser UI right?

I have never found the appeal of PWA. I prefer a lot to just have a shortcut to the website to open in the browser were I will still have the ability to have multiple tabs open.

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@dreeg @travisfw @exodus
Yes this is what I mean.

Many sites moved already to PWA. If yours doesn't, ask them for support.
PWA is the future

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