The virus is threatening a food-sharing tradition: China’s government wants people to use a second set of serving chopsticks when picking up food from communal platters. State news agencies call it a “dining table revolution.”

Army is never welcome. Never. Anywhere.

Spanish army bragging in Barcelona with the excuse of sanitary reasons.

You are not welcome.

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Zoombombing: Zoom, the suddenly popular video-calling app, says it was caught off guard by trolls breaking into people’s meetings and by newly identified security flaws.

The youtube rabbit hole can push people from relatively mainstream videos toward dangerous ideas.

Uber, Lyft and other companies are also using this crisis as an opportunity. They helped persuade the U.S. government to extend unemployment benefits to freelancers.

The Backlash Is Here

A growing array of people on the left and the right are questioning how policies meant to stop the virus are being implemented

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