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India's largest telecom Jio exposed database storing records of users' coronavirus self-check results without password. Data was anonymous, but geolocated.

"We need mass surveillance to fight covid-19—but it doesn’t have to be creepy"

These songs were written entirely by OpenAI’s deep learning algorithms

Army is never welcome. Never. Anywhere.

Spanish army bragging in Barcelona with the excuse of sanitary reasons.

You are not welcome.

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The Covid-19 epidemic appears to have put an end to Russia's efforts to block

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Zoombombing: Zoom, the suddenly popular video-calling app, says it was caught off guard by trolls breaking into people’s meetings and by newly identified security flaws.

"If we’re aware of the machines working on us, and feel the ways they’re steering our choices, we can decide whether we want to follow a recommendation or make a different decision."


The youtube rabbit hole can push people from relatively mainstream videos toward dangerous ideas.

When Alexa leads us to buy a certain pet food, are these our choices? Or is the internet warping us?


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