so if anyone can explain to me how to just make a diffuse map render in EEVEE that doesnt require learning the fucking node thing that would be great

I've been trying and failing to get a texture to show up on a model for like half an hour now

blender 2.80 manages to be more user hostile than blender 2.79 so that's cool...

Incredibly cursed error message that I just got on a work PC trying to launch Task Manager:

"Too many files are currently in use by 16-bit programs. Exit one or more 16-bit programs, or increase the value of the FILES command in your Config.sys file.", that message is pretty cursed on its own (Task Manager is not 16-bit and should not be affected by 16-bit open files limitations), but this is 64-bit Windows 10.

Which doesn't even support 16-bit applications.

"Danny and Arin explains scientific concepts almost correctly" is my favorite online show

If you specialize in the chemistry of aluminum does that make you an alchemist?

@ellied When you did the diffraction grating on your on your glasses thing, what was the best line pitch to use for that?

WEIRD & WACKY: As Voyager 2 Leaves Heliosphere, Onboard Instruments Begin to Detect "Ceaseless Mocking Laughter" Flooding All Radio Bands

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Bethesda's "25 years of Doom" promo thing has Doom photoshopped onto an Amiga 1200 for some reason

This is a really neat perspective on the history of human energy use, shows that the current renewable energy revolution is an even bigger deal than we think it is

oh my god, using upper and lower case "O" in subscripts should be illegal

What if we taxed products with large CO2 footprints? Is that feasible with the global nature of modern industry?

This is a trippy neat little demo: Using projection mapping to change the apparent material of a dynamic scene. (Doesn't need audio.) So slick, it took me a minute to figure out what was going on.

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