purchased . I saw a purchase of Red Hay coming about a year ago, but I kind of thought would be the one to do so I'm its expanding attempts to get closer to Linux (and eventually release MS Linux).

Deal won't finalize until mid 2019, and the Red Hat management team is slated to stay on board. Keeping current management is a great call, considering that Red Hat continues a steady progression up, as opposed to IBM's slow downward spiral.

Also, I should be getting a "new" server in the next few days. A client is upgrading their to the latest Siris line, so I get their old one. Once I bump up the storage on it, I'm going to be setting it up as a host for NZB and Plex to retire my old server.

Thinking about running a instance on it, too. Or maybe just a non-branded horror-centric instance, since I haven't found one yet.

Has anyone tried running Mastodon on Fedora Server yet?

Also editing the latest episode today. Should have that finished up and published for all you fans tomorrow. Special guest Ryan Megan joins the ladies to talk about the franchise.

Get your masks ready, everybody!

Finished post processing, mastering, and upload of [REDACTED]'s audiobook of her new novel, [REDACTED].

This was my first time doing editing for an audiobook. Figured out some new tricks in Ardour that will make podcast editing easier, too.

Speaking of podcasts, posted episode 56 of tonight! The Sirens talk about news, , and what they're doing for .


It looks like I'm going to be helping out another podcast, and one that I'm really excited about. No details yet, as it's still early, but definitely exciting!

Just finished watching . I'm speechless. what have you done? I'm pretty sure that was absolutely brilliant.

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She has figured out how to jump up onto the couch. Now she will go to her litter box, then immediately run back over and jump into one of our laps. Usually my wife's.

Funny thing is that she's not even fixed yet. Girl bunnies typically are not very sweet, but they get a bit sweeter once they're fixed. Minerva seems to be an anomaly.

update. After the trip to the very, Minerva had been much happier. Not only can she see both sides now, she has decided that we're her full time pillows. Climbs right into a lap then goes right to napping.

Finished editing the 31 Days of last night! It's up and ready to download.

From the Sirens:
It's time, once more, for our favorite yearly tradition - THE 31 DAYS OF HORROR! This is where we absolutely let loose with our favorite recommendations to keep you on the edge of your seat all through the month of October! Pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, and dim the lights. It's time to feel that chill in the air.


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That poor little Angora has been trimmed up and is looking much more like a ! Seems much happier about life now, too.

Going to schedule an appointment with the vet for Friday to finish getting him checked out. This poor bunny was so matted up that they couldn't even do a proper exam.

Making LOTS of progress on poor Sir Reginald the English Angora . Turns out there's a bunny under all that matted fur.

Best part is once I got the big mats off of his hind quarters he reached behind and started pulling some of the mats that were underneath loose.

How could someone go 2-3 years without every grooming their Angora? Didn't they notice that the hair never stops growing?! They were bred for wool, people. You NEED to groom them regularly!!

The vet called my wife today and asked if we would adopt a bunny. Poor English angora with an eye infection. The owners wanted him put down. Monsters!

Brought him home and he's a mess. Dealing with the infection won't be too bad, but he's never been groomed. Matted fur everywhere. Will be quite the cleanup.

Sooooo... Now we have 8 rabbits, almost all of them are rescues.

I don't care what you say, #1408 is a fun and good movie.

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