I love my beautiful featheréd daughters, hooray

@Pixley I miss my Rhode Island Reds, they were my favorites. Are those barred rocks or silver-laced wyandottes? (Or something else?)

@drewzero1 Barred Rocks! They all get along pretty well, one of the Rhodies is clearly the boss but they don't mess with each other too much.


@Pixley Our flock was mostly Reds and Wyandottes with a couple of Araucanas mixed in. I think my brother had some Rocks after I moved out, but I don't know for sure. The reds were very friendly compared to the others and sometimes let us hold them, while the Wyes were too skittish.

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@drewzero1 yeah, the Reds were definitely recommended to us as a chicken for beginners, they're sweet.

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