In the span of a month I bought a very complete and very good Leading Edge XT clone, a bare XT motherboard that turned out to be functional, and now what was a dead IBM XT and is now functional as well

The IBM gave the most trouble, but unlike some of the noname clone stuff of the era, IBM's technical manuals effectively describe how to build their computer, from detailed system board schematics, to the full BIOS assembly sources. If that's not enough, has every troubleshooting detail documented already. I cut off two tantalum caps on the 12V power rails and that fixed the short to ground and brought this thing back from the dead

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If I'm being honest, though: I think I prefer the Leading Edge clone a lot more? Full 640KB of RAM without expansion cards, onboard video, serial, parallel, and the case is smaller. The keyboard port is in front, etc

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@derek I'm pretty sure Leading Edge was a sponsor for The Computer Chronicles, which gives them points in my book. I seem to remember the clones featured on their title card as being relatively attractive machines a well.

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