@ajroach42 played with Dizzy who played with Quincy Jones who had Michael McDonald on an album

@djsundog That Quincy connection wraps up basically every jazz musician in a few steps.

@djsundog Let's go with the original performer of my favorite country song (the wreck of the old 97), Vernon Dalhart.

( also, this rendition from 26 is really excellent (compared to the mediocre copies we have of the 24 recording) archive.org/details/78_wreck-o

But my favorite version of this song is from Big Bend Killing: youtube.com/watch?v=1OCV-_GXqE )


@ajroach42 @djsundog My grandpa used to sing that song while we walked through former railroad tunnels on the Elroy-Sparta trail, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so spooked in my life. Especially when he got to the whistling, echoing through the darkness of the tunnel! 👻

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