Getting tired of checking the (physical) mailbox every day for payment for work I did in December. Here we are in 2020, and you’d think direct deposit wasn’t a thing.

Okay so pro-tip: the puffers they give you during a pulmonary function test (lung capacity/performance) are *not* a great idea if you have POTS. Spent all yesterday afternoon with a super-fast heart rate & major anxiety. Was like drinking 20 espressos at once.

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You've got to be shitting me...

One of our office chairs turns off monitors... we couldn't believe it, but we have it on tape.

Surprisingly, there even is a known issue for it:


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Sorry Android... back on my trusty iPhone X. Android Auto is a buggy pile of garbage, which I don’t have the patience for anymore.

Managed to repackage the Debian/Ubuntu Synology Drive client package for Solus Linux, and now I'm inordinately pleased with myself.

Saw a rather ... unique... car on the commute home today. My passenger was able to get a photo of it before it peeled away! πŸ˜πŸŒπŸš—

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Okay, I've tried everything else, let's see what happens here. I'm a 56yo IT professional currently facing age discrimination in the job market. My skills are proven and broad. I can do operations, project management, service delivery; am versed in multiple OSs, monitoring systems, ticketing platforms. I'm a technical writer and published author. I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere for a job that pays enough to cover my mortgage. I need employment by Sept 30. CV on request. #job #dayjob

Contemplating running my own mail server again... not because I’m a sucker for punishment, just getting tired of The Google Life.

Orri suffers from the same weakness for Dairy Queen ice cream cakes as my wife does.

Holy hell, I would really appreciate it if would just leave me alone tonight.

Tinkering with a Samsung Dex Station and my Galaxy S9. I’m digging this phone-as-a-desktop idea. Dex works surprisingly well (too bad it’s Samsung!)

Having a very POTS-y summer. The humidity has really kicked my ass this year.

TIL: Apparently there is a subset of people on Mastodon and the bird site who feel that it is unacceptable to block somebody, for any reason. Interesting.

I’m just about done with the heat this summer. Fall is my favourite season anyways... and it can’t get here fast enough.

Picked up both a Google Home and a couple Amazon Echos during a sale last week. Trying to decide which I like more (and will return the others). Google Assistant sounds better & is more conversational, but the Echo has better microphones and is better at integrating with 3rd party hardware.

First toot on my Mastodon account. Looks like is lacking in representation, so here's Orri!


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