Ok, I knew our visit to the @GeorgiaAquarium@twitter.com would be cool, but man, look at this fabulous big fish.

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77 years ago today, British forces suffered a colossal defeat. Read more about the Malayan Campaign in @ForcesNews@twitter.com' article: bit.ly/2GKPWrN

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Another lie. You’re a regular name-caller, a Ford sycophant, an ignorant eliteist. That’s why you find it so easy to hurt others. You damage and destroy. YOU are not wanted. twitter.com/macleodlisa/status

At home sipping tea...

) ) ) (
) ( ) ) )
\ /
\ RESIGN / |
\ LISA /__ |
\____________ /


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“Doug Ford Praises Lisa MacLeod, Whose Staff Allegedly Threatened Group Over Autism Plan.”

Lisa MacLeod should step down *and* we deserve better than a government supports this type of behaviour.

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Exactly one year ago, to the minute at around 7am, I sent two kids to school. Only my son Jesse came home. Jaime was murdered in school. I am forever haunted by my memory of that morning, rushing my kids out the door rather than getting one last minute. Did I say I love you?

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I've heard this tune before. Tailhook, 1991. Bunch of US Navy officers acting like the pampered little frat boy shits they were.

OMG! We can't prosecute them! It'll ruin the military!

We prosecuted them anyway. Threw them out. And built a far BETTER navy in their place. twitter.com/andizeisler/status

So no denial that @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com tried to strong arm ONTABA. Typical bully tactics that you would expect from a Doug Ford lackey.
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: MacLeod’s@MacLeodLisa@twitter.comed a statement, saying "ONTABA was unwavering in their desire to self-regulate and unwilling to work with government" ow.ly/qOaj30nH0pw

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Autism group says Ontario minister warned of 4 'long' years if they didn't publicly back changes bit.ly/2V0GFzN

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and here are some actual words about the way Activision Blizzard just fucked over 800 employees on the same day it reported record revenue: waypoint.vice.com/en_us/articl

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Bank lobbyists are scared to meet with AOC because she might humiliate them on Twitter later

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1. The Province and the City have reached a terms of reference on how to discuss the possible upload of the subway system. I read it so you don't have to. Here's what I learned.

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Apollo 16 astronauts shred the Lunar surface in glorious 60fps, stabilized footage showing the Descartes Landing Site. They would traverse 27 km.

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Listen, this is not hard. Show your numbers. The # of articles you spent writing negatively about Clinton vs Trump. The # of articles you've written about th
Trump voters vs Clinton voters. "I don't think" doesn't belong anywhere in this conversation. This is measurable. twitter.com/patrickhealynyt/st

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@MacLeodLisa@twitter.com So what's next are you going to put a max dollar amount on kids chemo? Limit the number of kids heart surgeries? You are actually proud of a plan than instead of helping MORE kids with autism, fails ALL of them?

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Dear Dawn: 'The Expanse' creators pay tribute to NASA's Ceres mission

Thank you ⁦@AbrahamHanover@twitter.com⁩ for the use of science fact in the team efforts for content creation.

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Putin's adviser Surkov to those "who cry about Russian meddling in elections": "Things are much more serious: we meddle with your brains, we change your conscience - and you have no clue what to do about it".

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[Fixed] Ontario's Minister of Children Lisa MacLeod was met with protest from parents of autistic children outside her Nepean MPP office today. 👇

⏩1:00 shows her yelling in QP about the Liberals "cutting" funding for autism back in November 2018.

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