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“I could pay my entire salary for a year plus the government budget and it still wouldn’t be enough”. Father of child w autism at QP, with NDP’s Monique Taylor, raising alarm bells about layoffs of 290 therapists.

Uh oh, the @fordnation@twitter.com mouth pieces are getting desparate. Trying defend a failed OAP with half truths and scarecrow arguments.
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All 8,400 f@fordnation@twitter.com are currently in therapy have had their plans extended by six months — service providers will continue to receive funding under existing contracts. We have doubled funding for autism services, demand will continue as more families…

Oh, forgot to tag @AlexMunter_@twitter.com into this. Until autism services are DSO or covered by OHIP, this announcement of yours is no help to autistic children.

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At Queen’s Park, NDP MPP @MTaylorNDP@twitter.com is joined by parent Jonathan Loewen, who has 3 sons on the autism spectrum, two of whom received services at Erinoakkids, which is eliminating 300 full-time positions due to Ontario govt’s funding changes

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As more lay offs are announced today, the NDP are responding to other layoffs announced at an autism treatment centre as a result of Ford govt changes. @l_stone@twitter.com wrote about that here 👉🏻 theglobeandmail.com/canada/art

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@ChildrenON@twitter.com @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com @CHEOhospital@twitter.com For anyone wondering why that $105 million sounds familiar, it’s because @Kathleen_Wynne@twitter.com announced this last year.
@MacLeodLisa@twitter.com continues her tradition of taking credit for @OntLiberal@twitter.com announcements.


So it looks like @CHEOhospital@twitter.com sacrificed autistic children at the altar of paid services in order to prevent @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com from cancelling this Liberal plan.
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@ChildrenON @MacL@CHEOhospital@twitter.comhospital Another recycled story from the @OntLiberal. Meanwhile families will pa@MacLeodLisa@twitter.comtal $85/hour for medically necessary treatment vecause of @MacLeodLisa policy fai…

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@ChildrenON@twitter.com @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com @CHEOhospital@twitter.com CHEOs really important to you as long as the children being serviced don’t have autism it seems. Then you expect those kids to pay for their services or go home

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: 825 positions to be eliminated, over 400 pink slips to be handed out at Ontario health agencies Wednesday



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If all of Ontario's planned funding cuts go ahead, Moody's says municipalities will be short $300 million next year twitter.com/ipoliticsca/status

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No. Sorry. But that's not good enough. You want to go to war, you need to present independently (Non US) verified proof and validated intelligence -- even if it requires you to declassify sensitive material.

You have a problem with that? Take it up with George W. Bush. twitter.com/Reuters/status/114

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No sorry. Autism isn’t like the market. It doesn’t “right itself”.
@fordnation@twitter.com @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com

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@BCBALaura@twitter.com @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com No one should be surprised that Lisa MacLeod was feigning empathy for those families frustrated with the lack of autism treatment and services.

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On CNN, Steve Cortes says they can't be concentration camps because the migrants are not American citizens. That is the argument that went through his brain and then came out of his mouth

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ErinOak Kids infrastructure was paid for by Ontario taxpayers. Lisa MacLeod & her exceptionally poor program & policy planning has resulted in layoffs at this organization. Watch as I explain what this means for Halton & Peel region. m.youtube.com/watch?feature=yo

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A spokesperson with the Ford government today told @CityCynthia that the layoffs are an “adjustment” and the “market will right itself.” toronto.citynews.ca/2019/06/18

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This should be a firing offense.

How many parasites would have to had infected your brain to imply that a "market" exists for AUTISM SERVICES twitter.com/CityNews/status/11

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Devastating. 20 yrs of capacity development-front line workers to grad-level supervisors. Ppl that sit on bathroom floors to toilet train, practice walking safely on sidewalks, prevent self-injury, listen while parents cry. When they aren’t working, services are less accessible. twitter.com/mikepmoffatt/statu

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Let’s shift gears for a hot second. How about the therapists being laid off. Being told they’ll have to compete with colleagues for their jobs. How about @MacLeodLisa@twitter.com shrugging this off as “re-jigging”—I’m sure all 291 of those folks feel so much better knowing the

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We are losing dedicated and talented professionals. Therapists are looking in other jurisdictions where there are no shortage of jobs in ABA. Many organizations in the states offer thousands of dollars in signing bonuses and relocation assistance. Years of capacity building gone. twitter.com/mikepmoffatt/statu

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