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We have been confirmed today by the local hospital in that a 9 month old baby has died some days ago for severe dehydration in camp . We are absolutely devastated by this new tragedy.

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Thousands of students protest in Athens against police repression and government policy in education.

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Students protest now in Athens against police violence: During the last weeks government policy involves squats evacuations and police raids in , as well as repression of students' protests. t.co/zJ1YgKC5MR

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La conversación se realizó en inglés el pasado 29 de octubre y se abordó el estallido social de octubre y las características del modelo neoliberal chileno.


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Banner reads: "El pueblo unido jamás será vencido - From to the people will win"

Intervention from the Rouvikonas anarchist collective. They threw flyers in the residence of the ambassador of in Athens, stating that they stand "on the side of the struggling Chilean people" @PersonalEscrito@twitter.com @PiensaPrensa@twitter.com @prensaopal@twitter.com

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Πέταξαν τρικάκια και εξέφρασαν την υποστήριξη τους «στην ιστορική συγκυρία στη Χιλή»

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Protesters from Athens in solidarity with the people of .

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Protest in Athens against the government's labor draft law scheduled to be voted tonight.

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Students clash with police over upcoming labor law and educational reforms - Athens,

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In the case of Kaak and Others v. the European Court of found
a violation of Article 5 § 4 (right to a speedy decision on the lawfulness of ).
The case concerned Syrian, Afghan & Palestinian nationals in the
“hotspots” of Vial & Souda.

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Another attack on free speech in today. 8 activists are detained after reading live on @A984Official@twitter.com a statement in solidarity with . Police chased them and attacked. Hasn’t happened in years. pic @newpostgr@twitter.com

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Terrible news from on where the media are reporting that a mother and child have died after a fire broke out. No one can call this an accident! This is the direct result of trapping 13,000 people in a space meant for 3,000! keeptalkinggreece.com/2019/09/

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Athens, : Some thousands took to the streets during a 24h against a draft law by the new right-wing government of New Democracy.

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@dromografosNews@twitter.com : A total of at least 542 women, children, and their fathers have been sent to camps, detention centers, or deported after this morning's raid on at least the seventh squat in the last month in .

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Police evacuates yet another squat hosting in central Athens,

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Thousands protest in Athens against police raids in Exarchia neighborhood and squats' evacuations.

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: Riot cops raided in of and attacked the social occupation K*VOX. A member of the anarchist collective was transported to a local hospital with head injuries.

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