You: desperately waiting for Half Life 3

Me: desperately waiting for Super Mario 128

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I'm gonna re-orient my job search. Instead of forcing myself to learn web development to make myself more marketable, I'm going to keep applying to the regular-old software engineering jobs I'm qualified for and spend my free time on game development. I like making games. I have no website ideas. I have mountains of game ideas and decent knowledge of Unity. I'm gonna do something radical and try to make a career in something I love.

(I may also try some MOOCs on compilers.)

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The greatest argument in favor of this all being a simulation is dogs
I mean
the fact that their mood meter is permanently at maximum must surely be some sort of glitch

Halt And Catch Fire would actually be an amazing name for a post-rock band

Noob question: say I want to make my own Mastodon web client. Should my front-end ever make requests directly to the Mastodon instance, or should I leave all of that to my backend? And would I handle a native app the same way?

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If you think something is a Slippery Slope to Tyranny but that thing has been done in a ton of other places without resulting in tyranny, you need to have a really good reason why this time is different.

I installed Tusky but it's just a slower version of the web client. Is any Android app better?

Silly SJWs, there are only two genres: rap and country

I just upgraded to a triple monitor setup and I feel like a god

My fetish is 3D games with isometric projection

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Friendly reminder that the public timeline isn't a chat room. You can reply to someone by clicking on their toot and hitting the arrow at the left of their message. ☺️

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if you're looking for some chill-out music, may I suggest "va" off the Beginner's Guide soundtrack?

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I think Mastodon will catch on one Twitter fuck-up at a time. People are realizing that leaving one unaccountable corporation in charge of one giant, world-consuming social media platform is a bad idea.

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Pet peeve: things that are videos when they don't have to be. (Aka half the freakin' internet in 2017.)

- They can't be skimmed
- They can't be consumed on mobile without eating lots of data
- I can read faster than you can talk
- You can't easily skip around in them, which is crucial for complicated tutorials (the Unity docs are evil)

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I fucking hate mental illness

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