Jackbox Night on Wednesday! 

Wednesday 20th of May — Jackbox again!

In lieu of the Union Project game night, join me at mixer.com/drquuxum for Jackbox gaming.

7-ish to 10-ish PM EDT; 2020-05-20

No Union Project game night tomorrow, but.... 

Tomorrow would've been Union Project game night.

So screw it. I'm streaming Jackbox tomorrow on Mixer.

7-ish to 10-ish.


My wonderful girlfriend just made an appearance on the podcast talking about Japanese naval history. Check it out if you're so inclined.


Pittsburgh TransPride Pool Party 


What: A TQINb swim party in the middle of winter!
When: Sat, 15 Feb, 3-6 PM
Where: Oliver Bath House; 38 S 10th Street (South Side)
Who: All your cute friends
Which: Yes, a few of us are witches
Why: Bathing suit dysphoria is less of a thing when the rest of us are here to make you feel better
How: The 48 or 51 buses, or your own conveyance
How much: $5, unless you have a CitiParks 2019-2020 pass

Somewhere in heaven, Kenneth Williams is saying, "Ooh, what took you so long, dearie?" Then Derek Nimmo jibes in with, "Oh, it's the *late* Nicholas Parsons. No news there; he's always been late!" Peter Jones quips back, "Well, who can blame him? You think he wants to see your ugly mop again?"

You were great, Nick, and I say that without hesistation or deviation. Repetition, perhaps.

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Just A Minute was a huge part of introducing me to a wider array of British comedy and entertainment in general. Parsons, for all of his foibles and squirrely behaviour, was the absolute best person to have hosted the show (and indeed, over 99% of those shows), and did so magnificently for over 50 years.

Tiny love stories 

You have the most interesting gold brown eyes. I think of their depths and shallows when I shut my own, knowing they’ll see through me soon.

Pepper's new KS [cw: strong language] 

Hey look, another toot!

@Peppercoyote's Kickstarter for the re-release of Blast Radius is up! Go have a look!

And yes, 🐎🐓 is on it. 😹


Decided to go back to my "Atom Smasher Down" for this account. It feels appropriate for purely emotional reasons.

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Until Jun 30th, whenever you see a company selling rainbow merchandise, send them a tweet asking them if their insurance plans cover services for transgender people (INCLUDING gender reassignment/confirmation surgery.)

Will you commit to that for us? twitter.com/fransquishco/statu

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AdamantxYves/statu

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