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Gʀᴀᴄɪᴇ Jᴀɴᴇ 😽💜 @drquuxum

My lovely gf Nyri is now Doctor Nyri. 😸💜

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A fortune teller just pwned Boris Johnson to his face and it was glorious.

Check out @aljwhite's Tweet: twitter.com/aljwhite/status/87

My gf (Soorj Cat) drew a very quick pic of the two of us and I'm still squeeing


Of FreeBDSM, OpenBDSM, NetBDSM, and DragonFly BDSM, which variant do you find most painful?

@nex3 @OhPoorPup Oh sweet cheeses — that phrase came up in a convo I had with some friends yesterday as well

Maybe we really are a hivemind 😹


A sort of demographic-y survey for Mastodon users!

I'm curious to see what we "look like" and I love to make surveys and then graph the results and share them, so here it is:


I will share the graphs with you all at some point shortly after the survey closes.

Please share this far and wide so that we get results from as many instances as possible! Thank you. :)

I do kinda like this new Mastodon feature that shows a mini-userpic of the person who r̷e̷t̷o̷o̷t̷e̷d̷ boosted a toot

The only minor issue is that I'm reading this page in 80% zoom so that I can see all four columns across my screen (it's portrait mode, 1080x1920), so that mini-pic is reaaaaally smol

@pup Better. Didn't have any pain after midnight, and no pain right now.

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