Just because the BJP bowled underarm in Goa, isn't suddenly a license for other parties to play by those rules. Case in point -- the Maharashtra elections. Personally, I'm happy to see BJP receive a taste of their own medicine, and how. But on a larger scale, aren't these parties slowly legitimizing the ignoring of the mandate? Doesn't the vote of the people count? If the BJP applies similar tactics in the next election, what then?

@Psyborg what do you want them to do? Ofcourse Congress should stay away from SS

@drsmichael As of now, I'm happy to see the BJP go. My questions are more long term.

As to your other suggestion, I don't see how another government can form without the Congress giving the SS support?


@Psyborg So, Congress support is must for Sena to form government, isn't it? Let Congress put their demands comfortably after all they are not pre poll partner. People give credit to Sharath Pawar but blame Congress!

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