I've been having fun telling friends about mastodon πŸ€“πŸ€“ Here's an analogy I use to explain it: If you have an email address with gmail you can still email your friends who have a yahoo address, right? But twitter, facebook, snapchat, etc are different bc you can only reach ppl on the same service. Mastodon is open like email. Mastodon kinda looks like twitter but it's more open & less centralized--you can msg ppl across mastodon servers & you could even run your own mastodon server

@drw great explanation.
I hope more of our friends join, but the Fb juggernaut has them in its grasp.

@drw very true. I'm having more fun on Mastodon than the other networks, for sure!

@drw I'm new to this and think that's a perfect description


I understand the content of your post but it leaves me with a shed-full of questions.

How do I know what server I am on?

If I can message across servers does it matter what server I am onr?

Why are people on different servers?

Thanks for posting.

@crowdyke good questions! that'll make for nice Sunday evening reading! also explore those questions about email--email is an interesting and radically democratic thing! the internet is beautiful ✨

@drw and that's one reason why email addresses are better identity tokens than e.g. phone numbers. If you relocate from one country to another, you can keep your email address, while your normally have to change your phone number.

Now we'd need some "key servers" to map email addresses to handles iff we wanted to automatically but pseudonymously find our friends.

P.S. yes, you can have more than one email address and thus more than one identity. I consider this a feature.

@drw ahh! I just say "everyone's nice" and get all misty

@kevspace everyone's nice and there for you and likes all the same music as you and you can call them when you can't remember where you parked your car and they never ruin movies for you and you don't keep track of whose turn it is to pay. it's great. you should definitely check it out. also there's a 500 character limit so rambling is totally fine

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