really tho, a solution for crossposting Twitter))<>((Mastodon. That would make me use this wayyy more. The python script isn't great because I've gotta host it. Is there a hosted version yet?

‪Lasercutters are awesome. And also sometimes they catch on fire 🔥‬

@wishx @drw it's nice to have a fresh start every once in a while

i hope our next president is mastodon-famous

@kevspace everyone's nice and there for you and likes all the same music as you and you can call them when you can't remember where you parked your car and they never ruin movies for you and you don't keep track of whose turn it is to pay. it's great. you should definitely check it out. also there's a 500 character limit so rambling is totally fine

The cards arrived! members get early admission, a tote bag filled w/ freebies and, um, a membership card

I'm stoked about this. members are going to get a sticker sheet in their tote bags this year

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*looks at twitter* oh good, i got followed by a tech exec and three more brands

*looks at mastodon* i got followed by 8 witches, 3 queer furries and 7 cybrepunks

@dan it's a vegetarian food festival. 100isg restaurants sampling food. lotsa fun :)

‪Goal for my walk to work: put up five of these yard signs for New England VegFest

@wakest @sturek i want the other way tho. post from twitter --> mastodon

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Job thing! If you have a background in activism and understand tech, EFF has a couple of jobs you might be interested in (plz to boost)

Grassroots activist
You will support EFF’s grassroots advocacy efforts, support our security training team, and engage in outreach to grassroots groups, with a focus on technical communities and hacker spaces

Writer, Activism Team
This position will focus on net neutrality and a range of intellectual property issues

where is the free software foundation on the rise of mastodon? I'm looking to read some misplaced forest-for-the-trees indignation about this. heh heh 😈

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