Too many meetings today. Done for a month

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Some of the participants brought a warmed up Tor relay and configured it as an exit node on our network! Welcome to the tent floor exit node!

Close but no cigar just yet... GUI doesn’t want to run, or is confused about the screen.

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Managed to build an Arm64 built of the beta signal desktop! If you feeling adventurous, help me with testing!

Been trying to get a build running for an arm64 signal-desktop. Slowly slowly inching forward, hating electron even more and more.

But... we need signal-desktop to build for aarch64 which seems to be painful..

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So this sounds pretty wild:

“security researchers say they have proven that the series of audible, metallic clicks made as a key penetrates a lock can now be deciphered by signal processing software to reveal the precise shape of the sequence of ridges on the key's shaft. Knowing this (the actual cut of your key), a working copy of it can then be three-dimensionally (3D) printed.”


I realized *just now* that with the coming of Signal Desktop and being able to call from it and to video call from it, we have a modern strong crypto client on free software phones like the PinePhone. The future is getting excited!

This is a big deal that affects 1 billion people. "Over 400 vulnerabilities on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip threaten mobile phones’ usability worldwide"

Did some CTF challenges, made some food, fell asleep on the couch, continued playing some more CTF. Oh and I also did some chores on this lovely summer day. Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday again :(

Saw this nice picture at the last chaos amsterdam meetup and thought i'd share it with the world.

What if the backup server was.... based outside of Macedonia.

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