There’s a massive train strike on Tuesday and I’m loving it 😍😍😍

What mobile phone should I buy? That’s reasonably priced and maybe not android?

Wordpress is still a beast. Migrating Wordpress websites seem to be a skill in itself. Can’t believe it’s this hard. Fml

Someone keeps prodding me about helping out for their hacker sociology study, except, I don’t really have the time for it. I thought I kindly made that clear but they keep prodding me. Not so kind reply is next 🧐

Oh Berlin, I love and hate you. So happy I never moved here, i would just party too much..

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Hey, you know how #Wire has been promising for a long time to allow federation? Looks like they're working on it!

In the latest changelog you can read: "The Android Wire client can now be run against a private server."

Cool beans!

This is fine, new guy at the hotel counter, I mentioned my room number, he just handed over the key to the room. No name 2fa required :S

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Just heard that China has now blocked all access to all editions of Wikipedia. Apparently Turkey has done this too.

Fortunately, there's an app called #Kiwix which lets people download, browse and search the whole of Wikipedia (and many other wikimedia sites) entirely offline on their computer or phone.

You can follow them here:


Their official website is here:

(Thanks to @Khrys for the China news)

#Alternatives #OffTheGrid #Wikipedia

Spotted a fox hunting at the Schonefeld airport grounds!!

Why did I had to book a super early flight and why do I only go to bed now! See you in Berlin tomorrow!

W00p, I got yubikey login working in Qubes!

I’m not sure if recommending to disable signatures is a good idea..

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firefox bug, how to manually enable your plugins Show more

I locked myself out of the computer, time for bed I guess.

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50 weeks of jail for #Assange. 1 year for "skipping bail" in the UK, while being arbitrarily detained for 7 years.... That should leave time for the US to further their persecution and extradition attempts .

If we let him be extradited to the US, it's potentially any journalist, any activist, any troublemaker that could follow...

#FreeAssange #FreeChelsea #FreeOlaBini

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