mastodon is problematic and i encourage us all to stop using it in favor of long, meandering conversations made from our local public payphones

@garbados In a couple of places in New Orleans, there are these abandoned payphone kiosks, that people turn into impromptu glittery art dioramas.

We should use those for the Mastodon instances.

@erosdiscordia @selontheweb if you could put pleroma on a tiny computer (RPi, etc) and then hide it somewhere (like in or around a payphone) you could have pop-up fedi instances :0 like geo-caching sorta

@garbados @erosdiscordia @selontheweb Hook it into a Piratebox which proxies into a RasPi running Pleroma. You'd need to make it imageboard-like, though - no outbound e-mail to register accounts, just make it usable.

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