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@drwho Ah, man. I saw that all back in 2013. Bothered me bad then. I expect it's worse now.

@pnathan It's gotten noticeably worse since 2013 (when I moved out here).

@drwho Blugh. I've visited a few times since 2014, but I haven't really spent a lot of time just soaking in the past 2 years.

The cruel juxtaposition of homeless sleeping by upper-middle class shops with beautiful windows has gotten to Seattle though. It's *terrible*.

@pnathan is getting harder and harder. The numbers are growing and resources are shrinking. There aren't enough boots on the ground...

@drwho bay area housing policy is legendarily bad.

personally, I think these need to be brought back:

fricking cheap, fricking basic, a roof over the head, showers, garbage mgmt, and toilets.

@drwho I see people in Seattle holding out for these "perfect" situations with highly regulated and fully done apartments and I'm like "yo people are the street, can we just get them off the street?"