I can introduce myself in Latin, because of Duolingo, which I'm sure will come in handy any day now.

whoever named walkie talkies was a fucking genius

could a sleepy ass bitch do THIS [turns off all the lights and get’s under the covers]

vim joke, lewd adjacent 

@intherain *desperately pushes fast forward button on kids until they are old enough for long train trips*

we peaked with bongo cat. we've been floundering ever since.

@interneteh fUCK for some reason I've never thought about the fact that I can grow collards and FUCk

i know this is just me being back on my bullshit but like... y'all better go to the library and read some of the books on personal computing from the 80s

we used to think these things would be genuinely beneficial to humanity instead of just another way to suck money out of consumers

nurse joy heals your pokemon for free

but she also yes "hope to see you again!"

what is this? what does she gain from my pokemon getting the shit kicked out of them? not money, obiviously. is this just a sick game to her?? in this 10 episode Serial Podcast, i will

why is it called a lightning bolt if it doesn't fasten two objects

in honor of 9/11 i will be performing a historical re-enactment by selling arms to Mujahideen in Afghanistan for a quarter century, unwittingly helping to plant the seeds of radical sectarian violence. check it out on my twitch

i found these on the way home. buckeyes, i think, though the ones i grew up with in CA have no spines.

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I think I’ve found my favorite honest-to-god real snippet of code, from @adafruit@twitter.com

pew pew pew


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1. Little guys
2. Brave
3. Chirp chirp
4. Probably soft? Won't let me touch

i only accept apologies in the form of changed behavior

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