I have a new title at @GA@twitter.com and "distinguished faculty member" may be the most badass thing I've been called.

This has me all kinds of giddy:

'Exhilarating' implant turns thoughts to speech

The technology could eventually help those who have lost their voice to speak again.


mods are asleep, post compounds that look horrific but are actually fairly harmless

If I could give legit 100% serious advice to straight cis dudes:
-If you're able, get therapy. Normalize talking & examining your thoughts & feelings.
-If you feel weird being vulnerable around u'r crew get a new crew. They're not tryna make the life changes you are.
-Is what you're feeling really Anger? Or is it Isolation, is it Abandonment, is it Insecurity, is it Hopelessness? What's the most effective strategy to de-escalate the zenith of those emotions/thoughts?
-Normalize being challenged.

Funkwhale refeshes site, adopts Code of Conduct, governance platform

A new project website? A code of conduct? Governance platform? New mascot? Funkwhale is starting to make a big splash. wedistribute.org/2019/04/funkw

hey sceners here is my chiptune cover of destination (the revision invite song)


Even if Trump is impeached, while white supremacy hasn't ever been away, under his leadership it has gotten stronger.

And Democrats, Republicans, companies, and institutions are not doing enough to fight it.

We need to do more.

Honestly, there are several people on here who I don't really think of in terms of nationality or country of origin. A lot of y'all are just from the internet, as far as I'm concerned.

My baby is 6 months old today! Throwback pic to celebrate!

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Should my recent Go-related videos have sparked some interest in learning Go programming yourself, I've just recorded & uploaded the first part of a small series of Go tutorials:

Learn Go! - Setting Up Your Workspace



This is just a start, but as you know, I always appreciate your feedback. So let me know what you think!

2FA but for people whose phones are always uncharged and in the other room

Resurrecting my day after my crappy morning by planting seeds and going to the library :_earth:

Movable radio telescope dish, installed after 1972 but abandoned by 1980, still sitting there in 2019 next to an active radio observatory.

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