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So I upgraded my desk lamp with a brighter bulb, and it now kicks out over 1500 lumens. My plants are very happy about this!

Well, apart from those tomatoes, who are never happy about anything.

No. I'd actually prefer if the existing rich text features in toots were removed. Parsing HTML is a huge pain & adding new tags is going to make life a lot harder for third-party non-electron/non-web-based clients.


"Google has deployed MTA-STS, and past experience suggests that this means, "Here's some totally useless new thing, but if you don't implement it, we're eventually going to stop accepting your email." So can someone point me at simple instructions to make it go on my mail server? (Postfix 2.10, Centos 7, certs via Letsencrypt) Or tell me that this is a thing that nobody will ever care about. ..."

An old beer bottle in Monks Wood NNR, used as an anvil to smash open countless snails by countless Song Thrushes. The bottle may have been used by the birds for more than half a century, it's embossed 'Huntingdon Breweries Ltd', who ceased production in 1954.

Help: Is there any Mastodon instance for fiction readers and the discussion for the same?

no one cares about the thrones or the games or the zombies or whatever. I care about the dogs

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I am loving what the new Minecraft blocks add to compact interior designs. The entire interior is a 4x4 space, yet I have plenty of storage, and beautiful lighting.
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