the only version of microsoft windows with consistent visual design was 95. also it didnt really do much. thats why its my favorite version

@jk too bad 95 was just a copy cat of PC/GEOS Ensemble released in 1990

@jk if only what, like if PC/GEOS "won"? I assume the same story would play out the same but with different people.

@drzaiusx11 i thought that was what later versions of GEOS/GeoWorks Ensemble/Ensemble Ensemble/Breadbox Works/GeoDeal Breadsemble looked like??? just lookin now and all the pre-1994/5 versions i can find look like they're derived from windows 3.x in the same way that GEOS on the commodore derived from MacOS. as far as i know the whole "taskbar + start button in bottom left + programs menu" was an original microsoft creation based on user testing, imo their only sincere foray into good design


@jk Ensemble 2.x predates 95 and looks similar (true, this shot is from a later Ensemble which adopted similar icons to 95. So copying went both ways) Let me try and dig up a better shot

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