As an educator, the fact that people gear their code education around interviews instead of fully understanding concepts is a huge problem, and we should refactor the interview process so that people don’t have to do that. It will be beneficial for everyone involved.

@aspittel We need a rewrite not a refactor. Most other professions rely on discussions of prior work during an interview.

I don't understand why software engineering is so unique that it requires some sort of gauntlet to prove ourselves worthy. My delivered software should be enough. Don't have a public repo? Bring in some code you wrote to discuss with the interviewer.

Do I *really* need to write another recursive tree traversal function on the whiteboard for the 100th time? It's ridiculous.

@drzaiusx11 @aspittel it tends to select for people who are great (and/or practiced) at solving whiteboard puzzle problems.

That ain't software engineering.


@remotenemesis @aspittel yeah it's just sad really. Think of all the wasted time of everyone involved: the company coming up with bullshit puzzles, interviewees "cramming" for the interview, interviewers being trained on the "correct" solutions. What a fucking waste. All for something orthogonal to the actual job.

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@remotenemesis @aspittel not to mention the cottage industry around it; books like "Cracking the Coding Interview" etc

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