I have used only Present in multiple professional and educational disciplines for over 10 years. Sure there have been mild compromises but nothing a little planning couldn't get around. The news that they are dedicating a team to PPTX compatibility is huge and appreciated not because it will change my workflow but because it can only mean many more opportunities for adoption around the world. Kudos to

I generally just cruise along using without saying much about it. Different strokes and all that. However every once in a while I am reminded why I am so happy every day that I have a clean, simple, secure, private system that "just works" (happily since 8.04)

Not sure when or if I will try most of the SSH stuff they go over so thoroughly on this but this is definitely going in my library of things to remember. mintcast.org/2019/06/19/mintca

Rarely have so many sacrificed so much in one event that did so much to change history. Thankful beyond words.

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As a barely technical user who likes to dabble in varied things like entry level , , and related things on I can't believe I had never heard of this site full of free guides to so many great things.
Thank you Stack Overflow

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Destination Linux EP108 – Ubuntu Studio Amped Up - destinationlinux.org/episode-1

on DL108 - An Interview with #eickmeyer of #ubuntu Studio. #Makulu Linux, #gnome GNOME 3.32, #IPFire 2.21. New PC offering from #zareason . #nvidia overclocking tool.

#linuxgaming #podcasts #Firefox #Mozilla

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Does your school give the data of their kids to a random cloud provider in another country? Or does it what the capital of Switzerland does for its 35.000 students, keeping their data safe and secure in their own #nextcloud?


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New episode is out: LibreOffice ribbonned up, the Pi Store, Fedora's new logo, Plasma's new release, Linux for the non-techies, the glass is half <fill as appropriate>

I guess I always knew there was a way to restore Alt-Tab to what I wanted but a huge thanks to this post which prompted me take the 15 seconds to actually do it.
The tiniest things can make the whole day seem better.


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