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Dylan Bourgeois @dtsbourg

"So the point is to ask not whether there is a level of abstraction at which the whole universe can be viewed as computational—because it is trivially true that there is—but rather whether that is the right level at which to analyze the universe without blurring all differences, like a night in which all cows are black, to borrow a saying from Hegel."

[PDF / 236 kB] thenewatlantis.com/docLib/2017

Thank you @Tyrron for the great idea.

To relieve pressure from Support on various instances, use and everyone that has the capabilities to can help.

In the process of getting help only tag support when the questions doesn't seem to find a solution.

Thank you in advance.

@martijn_grooten next step for Mastodon is to put all the usernames in a distributed ledger run by all the Mastodon servers to have a unique blockchain of usernames.

I am originating a new usage of the ✅. I hope it catches on, because in a sense it's mostly used this way now.

As portability is currently quite limited, the checkmark now indicates that I am actively using that instance, and that my other nonchecked instance identities are hibernating.

@Looping Clairement un bon usage des instances, @pete a déjà rendu la tâche plus simple en offrant la possibilité de whitelister des domaines à l'inscription sur une instance :)

@tmj Eventually some instances could become "specialised" (an instance for politics, music, etc ...). For now it's more or less equivalent (differences can include skins, mods, openness, ...), kind of like choosing a place to host your mail :)

@wilkie botsin.space is trying to do that I think, i like the idea :)

@dgdas9 @usercount Search seems to work for as well, which already nice :)
Pretty sure the info regarding the number of users is here instances.mastodon.xyz/, not sure about counting the total nb of toots though ...

@Riley Hate to link to birdsite but reminds me of this : twitter.com/TechFlunk/status/8

> Silicon Valley has been instrumental in cranking out non-profit organizations over the last 20 years. Just look at Twitter!

@Dorbulyu You do have to create a new account per instance (makes sense, if you take the email analogy, it's not because you have an @gmail.com that you would get an @yahoo.com , ... etc). Though you can already export your following / blocked users across instances. Probably more UX features coming though :)

@dgdas9 @usercount Yep only on mastodon.social. I recall seeing a toot earlier today counting > 55k users across known instances (but search is hard so don't think i can find it again :grin:).

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@fj Considering "sealed-off" vehicles it could be a daunting task for sure, but one of the other major advantages of autonomous vehicles is the push for inter-vehicle cooperation. So basically the more autonomous vehicles the test at the same time, the easier it becomes :D

First step would probably just be relative localisation, but knowledge-sharing would hopefully come thereafter (but it's a hard problem to solve ...)

@HeadlessZeke I think we've seen weirder vocabulary adoption in the past haha
"Googling", "Shazaming", "Tumblr", even "tweeting" ... :smile: